Staff in Health and Physical Education

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Yoko Goto ( Professor )
Research Area Sports Methodology; Sport Education; Gymnastics for All
Research Theme Methodology in General Gymnastics and Exercise
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Kiyoshi Tsuruhara ( Professor )
Research Area Sport Psychology
Research Theme Image Training; Mental Training
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Kenji Togashi ( Professor )
Research Area Exercise Physiology
Research Theme Early Prevention or Treatment of Common Diseases; Visceral Fat Accumulation and Adipocytokines
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Norio Yagi ( Professor )
Research Area Sport Methodology; Human Growth and Development
Research Theme Physical Fitness and Motor Ability in Childhood
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Noboru Okano ( Professor )
Research Area Pedagogy of Physical Education; Educational Sciences
Research Theme Curriculum Development of Physical Education; The Community of Learning
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Ryosuke Shigematsu ( Professor )
Research Area Public Health; Exercise Gerontology
Research Theme Health Promotion through Exercise
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Setsuko Ookuma ( Associate Professor )
Research Area Sports Sociology
Research Theme Social Relationship in Sports
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Takahiro Kano ( Associate Professor )
Research Area physical education pedagogy
Research Theme An practical study about the collaborative learning in Health and physical education
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