Staff in Science

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Akira Ogihara ( Professor )
Research Area Science Education; Environmental Education
Research Theme Development of Teaching Materials; Analysis of Environmental Education in the U.S.A
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Taichiro Goto ( Professor )
Research Area Biology; Science Education
Research Theme Biology of Chaetognaths; Development of Educational Materials for Biology
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Nobuo Hiraga ( Professor )
Research Area Science Education
Research Theme Science Education; Energy Education; Cooperation of Schools and Museums
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Yoshikazu Makihara ( Professor )
Research Area Condensed Matter Physics
Research Theme Developments of High-Density Hydrogen Storage Alloys for Fuel Cell Application
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Nobunari Itoh ( Professor )
Research Area Galactic Astronomy; Astronomical Materials
Research Theme Structure and Evolution of Galaxies; Development of Astronomical Materials; Performance Evaluation of Artificial Satellites
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Hiroto Kuninaka ( Associate Professor )
Research Area Statistical Physics
Research Theme Molecular Dynamics Simulation; Cluster Collision; Data analysis and Modeling of Social Phenomena
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Yukito Kurihara ( Associate Professor )
Research Area Invertebrate Paleontology
Research Theme Cenozoic Molluscan Faunal Evolution in SE Asia and Japan
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Daisuke Hirayama ( Associate Professor )
Research Area Botany; Plant Ecology; Science Education
Research Theme Regeneration Dynamics of Evergreen Oak Forests; Life-History Traits in Subgenus Cyclobalanopsis Trees
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Shunsuke Ichikawa ( Assistant Professor )
Research Area Biochemistry; Biotechnology
Research Theme Biorefinery
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