Staff in Social Studies

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Hiroto Akimoto ( Professor )
Research Area Philosophy
Research Theme British Empiricism; Political and Moral Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes
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( Professor )
Research Area
Research Theme
Tatsuo Fujita ( Professor )
Research Area Japanese History
Research Theme The Study of Japanese Early Modern Times National Formation History
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Yoshiyuki Otsubo ( Associate Professor )
Research Area Chinese History
Research Theme Process of Policy Making in Late Qing Dynasty
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Shigefumi Nagata ( Professor )
Research Area Social Studies Education; Geography Education
Research Theme Education for Sustainable Development
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Hideaki Uchida ( Associate Professor )
Research Area Economics
Research Theme Analysis on endogenous economic growth and institutions
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Takumi Isono ( Assistant Professor )
Research Area Geography, Tourism
Research Theme forming and transforming of tourist destinations under the development of sustainable tourism
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